We believe in being an Ecosystem player creating a larger impact and more opportunities for others.


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waste recycled


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of landfill saved


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of Oil saved


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of Energy saved

Software and Services

A marketplace with real-time bidding and transaction exchange capabilities.

A comprehensive cloud-based solution that enables Waste Haulers, Waste Management companies and Collectors do better business.

Cloud-based mobile solutions for Businesses, Waste Haulers & their field force, Waste collectors, Communities and Individuals*.

Pickup Trucks available on request

We route to PCB Certified recyclers and you get the total green credits.

We can pickup as high as 3-5 times a day depending on the material stock. You can also schedule your pickups on weekly, bi-weekly, fortnightly & monthly basis.

Accomplish transparency & ease of accounting with our cashless payment practices ( NEFT / RTGS / Cheque / Online Banking ). Cash based transactions may be considered on a case-to-case basis.

Rest assured that our highly experienced team provides extended care & support to collect all of your recyclable materials.

Inventory Management: For businesses generating more than 10 tonnes per month for a given location, we provide dedicated services.

Regular inspection and compliance check for Retail Majors, SEZs, Offices and Industry. We met all industry standard in Solid Waste Management.

Flaunt your green credits with our Zero Waste Certification.*

Dedicated toll-free number 1800-12-03303 to address any issue related to waste management services

Things that our Haulers and Scrapstars buy

Pickup services depend on your location and service providers in your locality. Pickup services are currently available in Hyderabad Metropolitan Area (Telangana) and Kurnool (Andhra Pradesh), India for all kinds of businesses.

Waste Management Solutions and Opportunities

Are you a shopping mall, SEZ, Industry, retail store or any business setup that generates waste on a regular basis? Are you someone who deals in buying / selling of waste / scrap materials? Let us know your specific needs & we will make sure waste be of our concern and business be yours. Choose any of the option below to help you get started.


You have a question ? We are happy to answer. Some of them already might have been answered below. Do check out. If anything missing out, do give us a call at : 1800-12-03303 or write to us at info@scraptap.in

What sort of scrap do you pickup ?

We buy all sorts of solid waste materials or scraps. To name a few, we are currently buying – Paper, Cartons, Old Notebooks, Glass, Light bulbs, Metals, Batteries, E-waste, Plastics or any types of solid mixed waste. If you’ve an item that is not listed here, please drop an email to info@scraptap.in or dial our toll free number –1800-12-03303

Do you also pickup other waste materials such as wet waste, kitchen waste, bio waste etc. ?

No. Currently we only pickup solid waste or scrap materials. However, we are building our systems and processes to be able to pickup wet waste soon. Please stay tuned.

What do I get in return for selling the scraps ?

Well we pay you fairly based on prevailing market value of the scrap material in a hassle free manner.

How do you decide on the paid rate ?

The price of a scrap material is subject to market fluctuation. Hence our sales team decides the average rate of the material, as per the current industry standard.

What are the modes of payment for transaction ?

We prefer cashless transactions via Payment Wallet, NEFT, RTGS, Cheque or Online banking so that the transaction happens electronically and hassle free. However, cash based transactions can as well be considered on case-to-case basis.

I run business establishment (shop/retail outlet) delegating scraps on a daily basis. How can you help me out ?

Kindly fill up Vendor on-boarding form here or call us at our toll free number :1800-12-03303

Alternatively, you may also write in detail about your requirement by shoot us an email to info@scraptap.in . Our dedicated on-boarding team will help resolving your issue.

I am scrap dealer/scrap collector. Can I partner with you ?

Yes. We welcome anyone who may be interested in partnering with us to buy or sell scrap materials.

Kindly fill up Merchant on-boarding form here or call us at our toll free number : 1800-12-03303

Alternatively, ou may also write in detail about your requirement by shoot us an email to info@scraptap.in . Our dedicated on-boarding team will help resolving your issue.

I have scheduled a pickup request and the same has been confirmed. But nobody turned up yet to do the pickup. What should I do ?

First of all, sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please give us a call at :1800-12-03303 or write to us at info@scraptap.in. Please be assured that we are going to figure out a way to make it happen soon.

What happens after I booked an appointment in the calendar or request a pickup over call ?

Here is what happens, when you schedule a pickup using our calendar or via call :

You get a confirmation of the pickup request via mail / SMS.
Our back-end team gets a notification of your scheduled pickup and reviews the request.
On of our team member may reach out to you incase any further details is required.
If everything looks good, Team Scraptap approves your pickup request.
You get a confirmation notification of this approval.
You carry on to resume your activities.
Our executive rings the calling bell at your scheduled hour to do the pickup.
He picks up the materials and weigh it using the digital weighing scale.
He calculates the sum value of the materials, you are selling.
Once you verify the amount, he pays you the same and takes away your scrap.
Your pickup request is closed now and you get to review / share any feedback.

I want to cancel or reschedule already raised pickup request. What should I do ?

You give us a call at our toll free number :1800-12-03303 & our trained executive will take care of your request.

I have generating more than 50 Kgs scrap everyday. How can you help me manage my scrap on a daily basis ?

Kindly call our toll free number at :1800-12-03303 or write in detail about your requirements by shooting an email to info@scraptap.in. One of our sales associate will talk to you soon with a custom solution.

I want to schedule a bi-weekly pickup request for the entire month. How do I do it ?

Kindly call our toll free number at :1800-12-03303 or write in detail about the materials & your preferred pickup frequency by shooting an email to info@scraptap.in. We’ll take it from there.

I am interested in working with Team Scraptap. Do you have any current openings ?

Thank you for interest in working with Team Scraptap. Kindly check our career section here for any current openings.

Living with Dignity

We started humble and working at Scraptap, I have not only transformed my life but I am enabling many more to live a life of dignity.

Srinivas Ch., A full time member with Team Scraptap

Professional Waste Management Services

We never imagined Professional Services in Waste Management and Scraptap is doing the same. I wish the best to the Scraptap Team.

Operation Manager of a Retail Chain

50 Tonnes More Business Every Month

Scraptap has helped my business have more predictability and I am able to add an extra business of 50 Tonnes every month. Thank you so much for this amazing platform.

Md. Tajuddin Waste Hauler

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